Your Generosity Makes A Difference!

When we are generous with our resources, we become active participants in leading people to become fully devoted followers of Jesus. Whether it’s in our community or around the world, your gifts make it possible for more people to hear about Jesus.

Giving Next Steps

Partnering financially allows your generosity to travel places you may never go. You're not giving to a church, but through a church.

There are three types of financial commitments you can make to Ironbridge Church. We encourage you to partner with us in building God's kingdom while growing in generosity. Ready to take a next step in consistent giving?

Faith Builders

Faith Builders commit to a monthly contribution of less than 10% of their personal income. This is a great first step of faith for those learning to embrace the principle of the tithe. This is not a place to settle, but a place to begin.

House Builders

House Builders commit to tithing – giving the first ten percent of one’s income to the local church. The tithe is a principle for God’s people taught in scripture and is referenced regularly during Sunday services.

Kingdom Builders

Kingdom Builders are a team of people with the spiritual gift of giving, committed to returning the tithe and bringing an offering. This is a group of people who advance the Kingdom of God through sacrificial financial investment.