Leadership Team

Leadership Team Update

May 2023
Exciting things continue to happen at Ironbridge each week! A new playground is soon to be installed for kids and families to enjoy just in time for Summer Blast June 26-28! The hospitality team is currently looking for friendly faces to greet members and visitors on Sunday mornings. If you are interested in joining the team, please reach out to Debra Cardwell or Sarah Cochran.

The Leadership Team (LT) serves as the governing body of the church and is responsible for administering all the church’s affairs except those matters reserved for church action. The LT is composed of nine lay persons who are voted on by the church and serve terms of three years.

Paul Repak

LT Chair

Steve Whitlock

LT Vice Chair

Jon Loftis

Julie Marshall

Kimberly Hurt

Marjorie Loya

Paul Cochran Jr.

Pat Mallon

Joe Messenger